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Anonymous asked:
Please do not disappear I love your blog ):

I will not! my computer broke and I lost 50% of my pics ): but I will not fade I swear!

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katya483 asked:
Do you have the rare cook and effy pic which you post not so long time ago in good quality?

Yeah, I have. 95% of my pics are good in quality.

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Skins generation 2

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I’m not scared

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Sometimes I think I was born backwards

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Anonymous asked:
but still have some, tell us what blogs of skins you follow. Top 5 maybe


landofskins, skinsrebellion, skinshead, shamelessly-effy, this-is-skins, idkjustskins, confessionalskins, dreamofskins, and more

but one that i LOVE is skinsit


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